Saturday, May 3, 2014

Supposed to be writing but I blogged instead.

Hey guys.

So, I'm been doing a lot of writing lately. I'm working on two screenplays, one short story, one collection of short stories, and one fan fiction. Since working a regular schedule (which I love!), however, I've not been able to do as much as I'd like. This has caused me to become both grateful and frustrated. Someone asked me why it's so hard to write...all it is "typing stuff 'til it sounds good." Ha ha, lady, ha ha.

Most of you readers are savvy, creative (in some way) individuals, so this post is more for laughs than anything. I have taken a bunch of selfies to illustrate my emotions at any given time while writing.

WARNING: These images may be overwhelming for those with lack of humor. If you are worried that you may laugh, DO NOT PROCEED. You wouldn't want to be happy for no reason.

Ladies and Gents, I give you...

  "Portrait of the Young Author as a Lunatic: The Collection" 

"So many things, so many thingsss to doooooo....."
"You dah gurl, Self...that was a rocking sentence."

"Ahhhhhhh! That sounds so terrible!!! Now I'm gonna have to rewrite the whole freakin' thang!"

"Sigh, that's cute...I'm so in love with this work. I could do this forever and forever!"

"No thoughts are in my brain. Pull face. Wake up. Writing to do. Guh!"

As a wonderful man once said (okay, it was my buddy Tim...but he's pretty wonderful!): 

"Stay Classy, Folks!"